– Angela Brown


Everyone asks themselves this question at some point in their lives.
Who am I? What is my life going to look like? How am I going to live and what will I do with my life?

These are important questions for everyone to ask and answer.
There is only one person who really knows the correct answer to these important questions about you. His name is God. He is your Creator. He is the One who really knows you the best. He knows you better than you know yourself. He calls Himself the great I AM.
You are God’s idea. He is excited about who you are! He liked you when He created you in His heart. He liked you when he sent you into the earth. He likes you now—whatever age you are. He likes who you are to become. He likes everything about you—your spirit, your soul and your body. You are His finest creation. And He created you to be like Him.
He wants you to know who He is. He wants to tell you secrets that will amaze you. He wants you to be a shining light in the place where you live. He wants you to show others what He is like and how much He loves all of His creations. (Image via Pixabay)
 The Apostle Paul wrote the following message to the believers in Colossae, revealing God’s intent for His people: The mandate of my ministry is for everyone’s heart to be awakened to their true identity, intertwined in love’s tapestry. This will launch you into a life of knowing the wealth of every conclusion and joint witness hidden within the mystery of God who fathered us and co-revealed us in Christ. Everything that could possibly define our wealth is hidden in Christ. In this place of our union in him the complete treasure of all wisdom and knowledge is sourced. Colossians 2:2-3 Mirror Bible
We are made valuable by the hands of our Creator—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our completeness, wholeness, purpose and destiny are revealed to us and through us as we come to know Christ, the Son, in His fullness. We are made in His likeness and possess the wealth of His plans and delight in our lives. We were made to mirror Him in individually unique ways, revealing a precious facet of His shining presence in the earth, drawing all men and women to Him to be known and to know the wonders of His person and power.
Jesus Christ is the One who enables us to manifest the whole person we were created to be. Only through our union with Him can we find the answer to that intimately profound question:  Who am I?


This post was written by Angela Brown and is an introduction to a new book she will be releasing very soon.

Angela is already the author of His Footstool: The Door to Your Destiny and Secrets from the Sanctuary.