– by Suzanne Roberts


You can TALK about it,THINK about it, DREAM about it, and LONG for it but that situation, that dream, that circumstance, that relationship will never ever change unless YOU choose to change it.


Until you decide that positive change is within the realm of your possibilities, you won’t move forward .


Is there a  niggling little thought at the back of your mind that pops up every time a negative happens in your life? Is there a  “nudge” that tells you that you might need to make a change? Is your next thought that it’s just TOO MUCH WORK! Or, perhaps you may embrace the “Scarlett” mentality which says “I’ll think about it tomorrow!”


But tomorrow never comes. And nothing ever changes.


Can you change that? Absolutely.


Recently, in my own life, the Holy Spirit gave me some very specific directions. It was HARD! It involved a lot of emotions and a direct command to “Take a step back” from something I was trying to fix. I’m a fixer. I will keep at it until something is fixed. This may surprise you, but over the years I’ve discovered that some people simply don’t want to be fixed!

I was doing my level best at helping a friend “fix” a problem. Nothing was working. Finally, I took that step back and began to look at the issues from the Lord’s perspective–with a wide angle lens.

As I took a long, deep look at the situation I was trying to help fix, I realized, surprisingly, that this person had faced every situation in their life in the same way, with the same results, for many, many years. They approached everything as a negative. Their glass was always half empty. In fact, many times their glass was totally empty. Their relationships, finances, and health were in continual chaos.


Several years ago, I can remember telling my daughter-in-law about a current upheaval in someone’s life. She said, “You know I’ve known (this person) for 10 years and the story never changes.” As I thought about it I realized that she was absolutely right.


Sometimes we have to understand that no matter how much we pray, how much we encourage, or how much we counsel . . .

If that person is NOT WILLING TO MAKE A CHANGE, THERE WILL BE NO CHANGE! I heard a pastor say recently, “God will not do for you what He has given you the power to do for yourself.” 


So what’s a fixer to do? Love them. Pray for them. Bless them. But leave the results to Him. You are a part of their process but you are not the end.


Don’t try to be the answer to their prayers.


Stable your white horse. Hang up your sword and enter into the Secret Place for them.


Find the strength to separate yourself from the consequences of their refusal to change. The outcome is their choice.


They have to meet Him, face to face and they have to believe in His plans for them, and His desire to lead them into a glorious land of promises fulfilled.


A dear friend once said to me, “It’s YOUR job to love them.  It’s GOD’S job to change them.


That’s the Truth, my friend and it can set you free!  And HE gets the glory!


This was written by Suzanne Roberts.

Suzanne is the author of It’s Time to Power UP!.