– by Ann Lynn Noble


I had no idea that God sees right through the way we trust Him.

Why not? He knows our thoughts even before we do.

But I thought that trusting God was faith, and we are told in Hebrews that without faith we can’t please God. So, why was I being called into the Throne Room to talk about my trusting Him?

I couldn’t pretend that I didn’t hear God call me in by name. He knows I heard Him.

So, I got my notebook and pen, and I wrote what I thought was a pleasant cheery little sentence, “What do You have on Your mind that I should know about today, Heavenly Father?” I then braced myself, for I noticed it had been 18 days since I had sat down with Him. I knew I was in BIG trouble.

God spoke and I wrote as fast as I could.

“As you know, I can fix the toughest problem beautifully. What you’ve thought was stubborn faith about words I’ve given, I see as you totally trusting Me. Have I ever let you down? Will I this time?”

Let me fill you in on what I knew He was talking about. I had been circling a much-needed request in prayer, as Mark Batterson writes about in his book Draw the Circle, The 40 Day Prayer Challenge. So, even though I had not sat still before God, I still had been reading the Word and praying daily. Actually, many times daily.

Woman praying

God continued talking to me, “You’ve been keeping Me at arm’s length. Did you know that?” Until then, I had not realized it. But that’s exactly what I had been doing for 18 days now.

God asked me again, “Have I ever let you down? Will I this time?” I didn’t say anything, but I desperately thought no. 

God spoke, “Ann, you desperately thought no.”  (How did He know that? Oh, never mind. I know He knows our every thought.)

He continued, “I wish you would enthusiastically think no. Desperately thinking no means that you aren’t quite sure. Be sure, Ann. Don’t be desperately trusting Me. Trust Me enthusiastically, excitedly, happily. That’s how a child trusts a parent.”

God is so right. Don’t say it, I know He is always right, but He was so right.

I truly had been keeping God at arm’s length, not realizing I was so desperate for Him to answer me that I was keeping a safe distance to avoid being hurt.

God has never ever hurt me, and He has always been there for me. My trust was a desperate trust.  Avoiding my God time had only made me feel guilty, and now unworthy of any help. That made my trust even more desperate. It was a vicious cycle I was in. It’s a wonder God got me to calm down enough to grab my notebook and pen, brace myself to hear my punishment, and let Him talk.

I soon realized there was nothing but love coming through the words God spoke to me this morning through the Holy Spirit. I saw the whole picture through His eyes, and I am so very thankful. God wasn’t mad at me. He was sad.

I was strongly led to share this with anyone taking the time to read it. God wants us to excitedly, happily, enthusiastically trust Him knowing how much He loves us. If we are praying for something God wants for us too, then we just have to let go, knowing that God has it. It’s done.

So, whatever you are circling in prayer, journal the steps you see God taking to answer that prayer and excitedly watch God answer your request. It may be a financial problem, a relationship problem, a health problem. God makes it no secret how He feels about each of those things.

Find a verse that relates to your request and just pray excitedly. Hang around God, and who knows, today may be the day He surprises you.


This blog post was written by Ann Lynn Noble.

Ann is the author of Restore, Restore, Restore and More!Restore, Restore, Restore Devotional, and Glow and Grow in the Grace of God, which she co-authored with her granddaughter.