Working with Rhonda was a pleasure from the start. I sent her the first draft of a manuscript that needed editing. Understanding it was my first book, she read the entire manuscript to check for major issues before officially starting work on it. So, I was able to fix the major organizational issues before the detailed editing work began.

Rhonda is incredibly organized and professional, kind and encouraging, and an excellent communicator. She knows exactly what changes are needed, at both the macro and micro levels, to maximize manuscript impact and clarity.

After publication, Rhonda promoted my book on her website and social media platforms for several months.

I highly recommend Anchoring Hope Publishing!

Samantha Harrell, Author
His Child: Asking Jesus for Your True Identity
Atlanta, Georgia


For a first-time author, writing a book can be a daunting task. Where do you start?

Rhonda Fleming listened to my heart, read my manuscript, then devised a plan of action. That’s when this seemingly overwhelming task became do-able.

Rhonda has an amazing ability to see clearly how a book should be organized. With her talent for the turn of a phrase, she made my story, my points and my message flow in a way that’s logical and smooth for the reader. She helped me end each chapter in a way that makes the reader want to turn the page and read the next chapter.

Rhonda provided expert knowledge, guidance and encouragement and helped me successfully write and publish a book I’m proud to call mine.

Whether you’re a first-time or seasoned author, from concept to completion of your book, Rhonda Fleming is your go-to woman.

Connie Carey, Georgia Author of the Year
Bestselling Author of FALLING UP
Author / Speaker / Musician / Presentation Coach
Macon, Georgia


I have had the privilege of working with Rhonda Fleming on a number of books now and I am always extremely pleased with her professionalism and her editing skills. She has provided excellent feedback both on the content and on the grammatical detail of my writing, while maintaining my unique voice throughout the books. She is easy to work with, provides constructive feedback and has cheered me on as I completed each of my books. Rhonda was always able to offer last-minute editing gold nuggets that helped my books reach bestseller status. 

Pastor Rick Bergh, M.Div., CT, NT
Bestselling Author
Author / Speaker


Rhonda understands the writer’s heart. She has the ability to calm your fears, while shaping your message into a masterpiece.

Kim Hardy
Bestselling Author of RELAUNCH!
Author / Speaker / Consultant
Atlanta, Georgia


I recently purchased an existing business and built a new website that includes a blog. I asked Rhonda to write the first 10 posts to give the blog a solid foundation. I gave Rhonda a list of the topics I wanted to cover in those posts. Each post Rhonda has written has been well researched, loaded with the proper keywords and phrases for SEO, and more importantly, informative and succinct. I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from my business partners and readers of the blog.

Elizabeth M. /


One adjective comes to mind when I think of Rhonda Fleming and Anchoring Hope Publishing: thorough. Few things leave me feeling more vulnerable than writing for publication. Rhonda’s keen eye for editing refreshed my confidence and fueled me for going forward. There is no price tag for the feeling of confidence when sending a book off to the printer. Anchoring Hope Publishing always delivers.

Anne B. Say
Author / Speaker / Coach
Atlanta, Georgia

Rhonda Fleming displays a tremendous amount of skill and natural talent in writing. She is astute at articulating abstract concepts in a manner that brings about clarity. Rhonda is a master at being both profound and yet humorous in her writing. I highly recommend her as a professional in this arena!

M. Diane Pearce, Ph.D.
Marriage & Family Therapist
Clinical Supervisor/Director
Legacy Strategy, Inc.
Kennesaw, Georgia


Rhonda Fleming is a dedicated, hard-working individual who goes the distance to get the job done. We have been friends and associates for many years and have worked on numerous projects together. She is always faithful and models integrity in her efforts. Rhonda would be a valuable asset to any project.

Bridget Turner
Director of Women’s Groups
NorthStar Church
Kennesaw, Georgia