Learning to Just BE

– by Angela Brown


Mountains are such majestic, peaceful and challenging places to visit. At a distance, they tower over the landscape like royal palaces. Up close they offer a quiet serenity that lowers your blood pressure and quiets your soul. Climbing a mountain can be a delightful adventure while demanding all our strength, energy and focus to get to the top.

My husband and I are blessed to own a cabin in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. We have so enjoyed our times there relaxing, exploring and conquering the challenges that arise. Honestly, we do more (more…)

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When the Music Stops

– Mary Emma Tisinger


Suddenly there was silence. Dead silence.

I was on my way to the mailbox, enjoying the beautiful song of the birds nesting in the pines that lined the long driveway. All of a sudden, the birds stopped their singing. The quiet was startling.

I had just stepped off the curb, my foot in mid-air. “Hey, what happened?” I glanced (more…)

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God First or Me First?

By Ann Noble


I can sense God is doing something new and I don’t want to miss out on any of it. But I feel that I’m not pressing into God enough. Do you feel that way as well?

The enemy indeed is doing all he can to prevent us from that wonderful close spiritual walk we want and need. Let’s look at some of the ways he’s doing it.

A big one (more…)

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