It Never Entered My Mind

– by Ann Noble


While driving along and listening to a radio station that plays songs from the 40’s, a Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart song came on from one of their musicals. The title was “It Never Entered My Mind” and it was written one year before I was born. I can honestly say I have heard it all my life.


That song kept coming back (more…)

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When I grow up I’d like to be . . .

By Kathryn Wiseman


It’s an adorable conversation to have with a 6-year old. They dream of being astronauts, doctors, princesses and pilots….

When you ask a 16-year old “What do you want to be when you’re grow up?” you’ll often get a shrug accompanied by a mumbled “Dunno”.

When you ask a 26-year old, they are (more…)

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