Suzanne Roberts

Words have always been very important to me. I’ve always been passionate about reading. Growing up on a farm in Ohio and being the youngest child and the only one left at home, I had a LOT of time to read.

Over the years, as I married and my husband and I started our family and settled in Atlanta, words continued to be important. After becoming a Christian, over forty years ago, I found that studying the Word, journaling the Word, and getting to know the Word have had an incredible impact on my life. I loved seeing how I could apply His Words to my life and see dramatic changes. Through the highs of life and the lows of life, His Words have made all the difference.

Because of that, a few years ago I decided to begin sending emails to my friends with an encouraging thought to fill their days. I found that I simply loved writing and so began the journey into blogging and then eventually began to write a daily devotional which evolved into a book called It’s Time To Power Up!

His Words change things. They’re certainly changing me!


It’s Time to Power UP!

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