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Thank you for partnering with AnchoringHope.com! We are excited to join you in sharing hope with the world! Please complete this form to get started. Once you start completing of this form, you will have the opportunity to save and continue later so you can gather information and return to add on. If you have any questions about this form, please email michelle@anchoringhope.com. Thank you!
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  • Please create your bio in a Word document, and when in the final version, then copy and paste it into this form.
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  • Please provide at least one referral of an author whose book shares hope or a speaker who shares hope, by listing here his/her name(s) and email address(es) or phone number(s). In addition to listing your connections here, it is important that you either introduce us by email or tell your contact a little bit about AnchoringHope.com and let them know we will be contacting them. For every new referral/connection you send to RJF/AnchoringHope.com that signs and pays for a 6-month contract, you will receive one free month on your next contract with RJF/AnchoringHope.com. The more of your connections who join AnchoringHope.com, the more free months of exposure you get.
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  • Please create your description in a Word document, and when in the final version, then copy and paste it into this form. This should be brief paragraph that gives an overview of your speaking business. This paragraph should also include 'key words' - words that someone would enter into a search field when looking for a speaker like you. Also, please list the main topics you speak on.
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  • SPEAKING TOPIC CATEGORIES ARE (please list as many as apply): (1) Arts/Entertainment/Media; (2) Business/Finances; (3) Education; (4) Marriage/Family/Relationships; (5) Grief & Loss; (6) Health/Fitness/Wellness; (7) Government/Politics; (8) Personal Development; (9) Spiritual Life/Bible Teaching.
  • Please provide the link to your speaking business website or the speaking business page on your website.
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  • Please create your blog post in a Word document, and when in the final version, then copy and paste it into this form. PLEASE SEE GUEST BLOG POST GUIDELINES AT THE BACK OF THE CONTRACT FOR MORE DETAILS. Basic Guest Blog Post Guidelines: • Your blog post should be approximately 400-600 words, preferably a story that shares a solution and inspires readers to live a life of hope, possibly related to one of your speaking topics. • Your blog post title should hook readers. • You may include beneficial links in your blog post, but no affiliate links. • Your blog post must be your original material that has not been published before. • Your blog post should be edited for typos, grammar and punctuation before submission. • Your blog post cannot be re-published by you for six months. Please link to it from your blog, emails, and social media posts, but don’t share it on your blog or any other blog for at least six months. • You and RJF/AnchoringHope.com may use quotes from your guest blog post on social media and other outlets in order to promote you, your book(s), your guest blog post and/or AnchoringHope.com. • RJF/AnchoringHope.com reserves the right to edit your submitted material as needed.
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    The following questions are to help you and AnchoringHope.com track our success and determine how we can be more effective. This information is only for our internal use and will be kept confidential – unless you give us permission later on to use it in a testimonial.
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