– by Jessie Seneca


Mom. Three simple letters, when put together, give you a life-changing title. Raising a daughter is one of the greatest blessings God can give, and He chose you for the unique role to teach His ways and pass down biblical womanhood to future generations. No one can do it quite like you, Mom!


While writing Raising Girls, Diaper to Diamond, I had one question at the forefront of my mind, “What do I wish I could tell the younger me?”


I need you to know right from the get-go, I am not an expert, and I have not done it all right. I can’t give you a formula to have it all turn out pretty. Goodness, there were days I would stand water-drenched in the shower, not knowing if it was the shower head or the waterfall of tears streaming down my face as I asked God, “Can we start this whole parenting thing over again?” (Image of Jessie and her daughters provided by author)

 I am not sure where you find yourself as you read this blog. You could be expecting your first bundle of joy, be multiple kids into this parenting thing, or you may be through the parenting season and you find yourself praying for your adult daughter or daughter-in-law. And just for the record, you are never really out of the parenting scene, it just looks different as they leave the nest.


No matter where you find yourself, there is one thing that transcends age and season.




1 Corinthians 10:31, say, Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.


Your whatever is the very stage where you presently find yourself. Don’t dismiss the stage in front of you all the while wishing for the next. You never get it back. Be intentional in the now.


Ten things I wish I could tell the younger me?

  1. Enjoy a close walk God through the busyness.
  2. Embrace sacrifice as an obedience to God and not a hindrance. Motherhood is worth the sacrifice.
  3. Allowing others to help will make your days manageable and your work lighter.
  4. Help create one-on-one time for your husband and daughter no matter the age.
  5. Love your children in view of eternity.
  6. Watch for teachable moments.
  7. Seize the moment and be present in the NOW.
  8. Friendship with your children is not during the rearing stage.
  9. Never stop tucking your kids into bed.
  10. The legacy you leave is the one you walk out every day.


May you rise up and embrace this special calling of motherhood!


This post was written by Jessie Seneca.

Jessie is a speaker and the author of Raising Girls, Diaper to DiamondJoseph: A Life of Rejection, Resilience and RespectThe Secret Is OutFriendship, Sisters for a Journey, and Road Trip.