Wholly Pleasing I AM is a 365 Day Devotional that aims to uplift and inspire everyone who reads it to please and follow the GREAT I AM.

Is it your heart’s desire to live wholly pleasing God? If it is, here is great news for you! This is an attainable aim and goal; no matter how good, or how checkered, your past may have been. How do we reach this goal? Jesus is the only answer to WHOLLY PLEASING I AM.

This author’s personal faith testimony is: I live every day wholly pleasing God. With the teaching, leading, guiding and help from Jesus and His Holy Spirit, together with a strong desire and will and determination, every reader of this book may live wholly pleasing God.

In the name of Jesus, may your personal faith testimony be the same: (Your Name) lives every day wholly pleasing God. Let us take this journey together and really bless God!

Author Bio: JoAnn Koening