Looking for a simple yet impactful Bible study method? You found it! The three-question Bible study method can change your life . . . because learning this method will teach you to hear God speak to you through His Word.

Knowing what’s in the Bible is important. Getting to know the Author of the Bible and learning to hear Him speak to you is essential in order to fulfill your destiny! This Bible study method is easy to learn, simple to do, and fits into any schedule. But the most important aspect of it is spending time with God and learning to hear Him speak to you. That’s what makes it so powerful!

The Treasure Seeker Bible Study Workbook provides detailed instructions to teach you the simple three-question Bible study method. It also includes worksheets designed for recording your answers to the three questions and helping you discern what God is saying to you through the passage you’re studying.

The Bible study method and the worksheets can be used to study your choice of scriptures, individually or with a group. You can do a personal study based on your pastor’s sermon series or your small group’s study or choose your own topic. A list of scripture passages for the study of six Bible characters is included.

Author Bio: Rhonda Fleming