The Genesis Diary, by Coralee Eden & Karin McBride-Chenoweth

Welcome to the Genesis Diary! In this, the first of a series of short studies, award-winning author, Coralie Eden (3-in-1 Young Christian Writer of the Year), explores the creation of the world and of man through the book of Genesis.

This book comes from the viewpoint that God made man in His own image. He asked us to be different and to exercise our right to tackle the scientist, the atheist, and the ‘fence-sitter.’ He asked us to take a stand and be the light in a darkened world. Whilst man has the freedom and freewill to choose his own destiny, we as believers have a duty to help explain why we don’t believe the world’s view of things and why we know that Jesus is the key to eternal life.

“In these first few chapters I found I learnt something new, questioned the validity of a couple of things and was drawn back to my Bible (always a good thing!) and I was reminded how Mighty, Gracious and loving our God is. Something I think even the faithful forget sometimes in the busyness of today’s world. However, what is discovered is that Genesis is much more than just a historical account – it is God’s Diary and embedded within the pages of Genesis there is a promise from the Creator for all the world.The Genesis Diary: Eden, The Garden of God, will challenge you in many ways and is ideal for everyone and in particular Bible discussion groups who wish to explore the creation story further…Enjoy!”

-V Cooper
Book Reviewer

Author Bio: Karin McBride-Chenoweth