Why aren’t things changing? Why am I not able to get the life I dreamed of? Why can’t I connect with people? What holds me back from my dreams and my desires? Why are they looking at me? Why do I feel so sad all the time? Why do I feel like I do not belong? Why am I so worried about what others think of me?

If these statements sound all too familiar, you may be experiencing a wounded heart that has never been heard, and you may not realize you have never had a voice to express the hurts, pain, regret or shame of your life. Is it time to go on your own healing journey? Are you ready to dig a little deeper to uncover hidden pain that is keeping you locked away, from breakthrough and ultimate freedom? Marcia Ann weaves a story of her life that we can all relate to. Through her struggles with shame, violation, rejection, loneliness and stuffed emotions, she unearths her true-identity that was so long ago buried, and helps to put a voice on what the feelings were in her childhood that held her prisoner until she broke out of the walls of that prison and became free from the cycles of self-abuse.

In this insightful book, Marcia Ann takes us through ‘life’ and educates the reader to contemplate their own life and the cycles they may be living. Through this process of educating the reader on different issues of how our identity can be stolen, then telling her life stories, Marcia Ann shows how those early set issues can affect our present life.

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