Removing Your Shame Label: Learning to Break From Shame and Feel God’s Love

As a Christian counselor with a private practice in Marietta, GA, I see two frightening similarities in many Christian clients.

1. There is the burden of shame that results from an inability to control sinful behavior. We tend to believe God’s seal of approval is based on our “performance.” This, in turn, leads to a mindset of never measuring up to what God expects from us. This leads to what I call a shame label.

2. There is an endless struggle to feel God’s love and presence. “What does it feel like to love God?” we ask. We dare not move toward Him for fear He will label us as disappointments and reject us. What we fail to recognize is we are projecting the negative feelings we have about ourselves onto God. We have adopted lies Satan drills into our heads in an attempt to hinder our relationship with the Father. We are trapped in the Christian Shame Cycle, which leaves us feeling spiritually empty.

We struggle to feel God’s love and to love ourselves. We find ourselves trapped in this mindset that results in despair and hopelessness. We struggle as we believe we are different than those of our Christian brothers and sisters who know God’s love.

The truth is there is only one thing that separates those of us who struggle to connect with God and those who feel His never-ending presence. And that is shame. It is our internal shame that leaves us feeling we are a disappointment and inadequate. And it is that same shame that impacts how we believe God sees us. Feeling unworthy of love, we project that onto God and distance ourselves from Him, believing He wants nothing to do with us.

Shame is a problem that is crippling many Christians in their walk with God. But it can be fixed!

Utilizing real case studies, the author provides insights and real-world solutions to help you manage behaviors that destroy relationships, limit personal growth, and cause shame. More importantly, this book opens a new pathway to help you establish a loving and meaningful relationship with God.

We can move away from our sense of self-loathing and feeling inadequate when we learn how to successfully remove our shame label. And we also can experience the richness of God’s love for us.

Author Bio: Eddie Capparucci