Raising Girls, Diaper to Diamond

Mom. Three simple letters, when put together, give you a life-changing title. Raising a daughter is the greatest blessing God can give, and He chose you for the unique role to teach His ways and pass down Biblical womanhood to future generations. No one can do it quite like you, Mom!

While writing Raising Girls, Diaper to Diamond, Jessie Seneca had one question at the forefront of her mind, “What do I wish I could tell the younger me?”

Jessie, who has raised two daughters, draws truth and guidance from scripture, personal experience and practical insights from other moms. She doesn’t claim to have all the answers. Like most of us, she has made mistakes along the way, but her continued desire is to see girls develop into responsible, faith-filled women.

With discussion questions at the conclusion of each chapter, you’ll feel empowered with thought-provoking conversation addressing a wide variety of topics such as dating, mean girls, self-image, perfectionism, a father’s role and much more. Oh, and, don’t forget about that de-parenting stage we all experience as our daughters leave the safety of our homes to conquer the world in front of them.

May you rise up and embrace this special calling of motherhood!

Author Bio: Jessie Seneca