Prophecy is a gift that followers of Jesus should pursue, both in giving prophetic words to others, as well as in receiving them for themselves. At times, however, it is difficult to process the words we receive and to discern whether or not they are from God, or if they are words that should be discarded.

This book will help you examine the prophetic words you receive, to make sense of them, and to be intentional in going after the words you believe are from God. Because those are the words that will help you move into your destiny and call.

The topics covered include:

•An explanation of prophecy as discussed in the New Testament.

•Ways God can speak to you through your prophetic words.

•Principles to assist you in processing your prophetic words.

•Steps to help you contend for your words so they bear fruit in your life.

•Powerful testimonies to give you real-world examples of modern prophetic ministry.

By the end of Processing Prophetic Words: A Practical Guide, we believe you will be able to examine your prophetic words effectively, help others process theirs as well, and begin to move in prophecy, giving out God’s words of love and hope to others.

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