Peace Behind the Wire – A Non-Violent Resolution


This revision has additional content that includes Kit Cumming’s work in Mexico in 2016 with teens at risk, inside prisons in Tijuana, and working under the protection of the Cartels that operate there.

On January 18, 2011, twelve prisoners signed a solemn pledge and set out to see if they could live in peace with the men inside Georgia’s most dangerous maximum security prison. It was a simple but powerful pledge: for forty days they would follow the example of iconic peacemakers and commit themselves to timeless, nonviolent principles. Peace Behind the Wire – A Non-Violent Resolution chronicles the Power of Peace Project’s story as it grew to include prisons, schools, and churches across the United States, even planting seeds of peace inside prisons in South Africa, Mexico, Honduras, and Ukraine. With those initial signatures, POPP was officially born, and its founder, Kit Cummings, began the journey of bringing peace to those most removed from it. Peace Behind the Wire is the fascinating true story of this unlikely band of brothers, and the movement they inspired– one that has become a Teen Peace Phenomenon.

Author Kit Cummings’s stunning new book asks a simple question: Are you ready for PEACE?

*Benjamin Franklin Digital Award Silver Honoree *Winner, 2016 Georgia Author of the Year Honorable Mention for Memoir/Autobiography

Author Bio: Kit Cummings