Light After a Layoff: Seven Spiritual Keys to Strengthen Resilience in the Midst of Job Loss, Career Transition or Professional Setback

YOU ARE NOT ALONE going through challenges, pain, or tough times in some area of life. We all do. And we have all overcome on some level or we wouldn’t still be here. The purpose of Light After A Layoff is to remind you that you can make it, you will make it, and you are making it. You are strong. You are resilient!

Resilience is part of the human experience. If you are going through a job loss, career transition, or professional setback, this book will equip you to tap into the strength that is your innate greatness and your divine spiritual inheritance.

Light After a Layoff will teach you to:

• Understand your job as a role, not your true identity
• Hear God’s voice and release fear
• Lose feelings of guilt, shame, betrayal or anger
• Identify your next major opportunity through “stillness”
• Give and RECEIVE with joy
• Trust God as your Source
• Uncover your “light”…and MORE!

Author Bio: Dawn D. Mitchell