Called to Pray: An Intercessor’s Toolkit, Part 1

Do you feel CALLED TO PRAY for others? Then you are an intercessor at heart. Using the acronym WWJT (praying in God’s will as revealed in his Word and calling on Jesus’ name and God’s timing, this book will help you learn more about the great gift of intercessory prayer. In all aspects, its foundation is The Holy Bible: helping you define and understand your calling, prepare you physically and spiritually for prayer, develop your special “template” for prayer, equip you for spiritual warfare, and pray scripturally. You’ll see how God answers prayer and how you can be more creative in your prayers. In addition, you’ll be able to build a prayer circle. Your own special, individual spiritual gift(s) can be incorporated into the way you “Speak life” through your intercessions.

Author Bio: Sara Lewis