Brampton Hall – A Regency Romance

Maria Medcalf’s mother despairs that her twenty-year-old daughter will never marry—or worse yet, that Maria will marry a man below the family’s ‘to the manor born’ station in English society. However, Maria is determined that she is not going to marry just any man, regardless of his station.

Her future husband must also share her fervor for strict adherence to Christian principles. Twice, she thought she had found true love but her confidence and trust in men is fading.

Upon the family’s migration north to their new home and estate at BRAMPTON HALL, Maria meets the handsome and dashing James Gardner. A wealthy landowner with no need for her new found fortune, he is clearly besotted with her.

She has trusted God to guide her in romance, but her faith has been sorely tested.

Dare she believe in love for the third time?

Author Bio: Karin McBride-Chenoweth