– by Suzanne Roberts


I’m hearing a phrase this morning that I honestly would never have thought of on my own. New Endings.  Wait, isn’t it supposed to be “New Beginnings?” But then, isn’t the best foundation for a new beginning, a new ending? We know that God is all about “NEW beginnings”. After all, He’s the original creator of the second chance. But we can help Him by cooperating with Him to take charge of the “old” in our lives; the old that always results in the same old ending.   

As we approach the end of this year, what if we decided that it would have a NEW ENDING?  Why would we settle for the same ole, same ole? Why would we choose to be victims instead of winners, or doubters instead of believers? Why would we choose sadness over joy or chaos over peace? Why would we quit before He’s finished? Why would we let “offense” or bitterness or anger, or hopelessness guide our footsteps?

Pathway to light

Isn’t one of the most astonishing revelations of Christ in us meant to empower us to make the right choices that will result in a new ending to the old issues? Isn’t an over-the-top, full-of-faith perspective meant to result in over-the-top living? Aren’t I meant to have an out-of-the-box determination to choose to not finish this season, this circumstance, this relationship, this trial, with the same old ending?

Honestly? I’m tired of the old endings. Something has to change. I have to change.

This time I will create a pathway toward a new ending. I want an ending that leads to an open door to a new beginning. This time I will not allow my feet to get stuck in the mud. I will step up to the plate and step up to a new level of Kingdom living. It’s about time, isn’t it?

Closed Door

I’m going to give the Holy Spirit the freedom to crash into my life with an anointing that will blow my socks off! I’m going to slam the doors that I’ve kept open to Satan that have allowed him to bring in things that would promise to steal my joy, kill my faith, and ultimately destroy who I am and who I am meant to be for God.

Hat’s off to the New Ending for this year! As I change my perspective, I will change my attitude toward difficult people and difficult things. I will change my responses to the things that drag me down. They will not overwhelm me or overtake me. I’m on my way to being so anointed with God’s heart and purpose and vision that nothing will stand in the way of my new ending. Scripture teaches us that He makes “All Things New”. But the Truth is that I have to choose to be His partner in that.


He makes all things new that I allow Him to make new. New Beginnings are born from new endings.

I get it. I’m on it. I mean it.

How about you?


This blog post was written by Suzanne Roberts.

Suzanne is the author of It’s Time to Power UP!