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Who am I? Gosh, that’s a great question and one I personally struggled with for 48 years. For that many years, I was desperate to be loved and accepted for me, but had no idea who that person even was. And how could I love anyone well when I didn’t even love myself?

Now I’m in the process of learning to love myself and others again without fear, shame, or punishment. I have discovered on this journey that many lies I believed as truth were birthed in painful words and experiences.

I unknowingly allowed these lies to pierce my heart and therefore develop my character, my identity, and dictate my paths in life.
Today I celebrate the person I am, not based in the mistakes I might have made, the poor choices, or the warped sense of identity, but rather in the perfect child of God He Himself created in His likeness.
I am not my mistakes. I am not my bad choices. I am not my sinful past. I am His redeemed daughter, Sanctified and Set Free.


Sanctified and Set Free: My Journey of Transformation from Shame to Grace

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