– by Brenda Sawyer


Do you ever feel so helpless that you don’t know which way to turn?


In times like these, when there is so much confusion and turmoil in our world, I think we all have felt that way at one time or another. So how do we manage to stay sane?


We can start by seeking the Lord first in everything we do and by allowing Him to keep us in perfect peace because our minds are stayed on Him. (Isaiah 26:3) Even when we think He doesn’t hear us, we must remain prayerful and steadfast and know that no prayer goes unanswered.

Prayer and the Word

As the Author and Finisher of our Faith, God will answer in His own time, not ours. Our prayer should be, “Lord, please keep us in the center of Your perfect divine will, because You know what’s best.”


Realizing that we can do nothing in our own strength, we can humbly pour out our hearts before the Lord to allow Him to see all of our brokenness. It is only God who can strengthen us and give us the peace that passes all understanding.


With all the chaos going on around us, we must acknowledge that God is still very much in control of everything. In uncertain times like these, God wants us to be so deeply rooted and grounded in Him that we trust Him and depend on Him for all of our needs.

Rainbow after the storm

Praying and reading the Word of God will penetrate our spirit and let us know that, even when we feel down and helpless, He will always be right there to strengthen us, pick us up and lead us back on the right path.


Lord, Your Name is a Strong Tower where we, Your children, can run to and be safe. In Jesus’ Name. Amen. (Proverbs 18:10)



This blog post was written by Brenda Sawyer.

Brenda is the author of Encouraging Words For The Mind, Spirit And Soul.