– by Angela Brown


IMAGINATION—everyone has one. Are you using yours??


Your imagination is a gift from God. Do you use your imagination regularly?


If you read your Bible, you most certainly need to use your imagination to visualize what is being talked about. The places, people and events we read about in the Bible are things we have never experienced. We did not live when the Bible was written and have no personal knowledge we can draw from to relate to the stories that are found there.


Our Father God knew we would need a tool to be able to relate to His written word. He knew we would need a way to relive and explore the truths that are found in His word. So, He gave us our imagination to be able to communicate with us about things we have not seen or heard in person.


Most people don’t consciously think about their imagination, but in actuality we use it every day. If someone describes a person or event you have not encountered, you automatically begin to visualize them in your mind. That is your imagination at work. It is a gift we all too often take for granted. (Image via Pixabay)


I believe the Lord conveys His love and truth to us many times through our imagination. As we meditate on His word, we begin to see Him as He really is. The Holy Spirit paints pictures of the truth we read and explore on the canvas of our imagination. If we spend enough time developing this amazing gift, we can begin to receive dreams, visions and revelations from the heart of the Father that will transform our lives into God’s original design for us.


There are realms of heaven I believe we can actually visualize and learn to operate from if we allow our imaginations to explore God’s words with expectation of meeting Him there. In Acts 2:17, the prophet Joel is quoted:


This is what I will do in the last days—I will pour out my Spirit on everybody and cause your sons and daughters to prophesy, and your young men will see visions, and your old men will experience dreams from God. The Holy Spirit will come upon all my servants, men and women alike, and they will prophesy.


Prophecy is a form of visualizing things that are to come. It is a type of painting pictures on people’s imaginations for them to see and interact with in faith. It opens up possibilities for us to believe in and cooperate with as the Spirit leads.


In Psalm 110, David received a vision of the reunion of Jesus coming back to the Throne Room of Heaven from earth after his death, burial and resurrection. David saw what was to happen even before Jesus was sent to the earth. David’s psalm based on this vision was sung and rehearsed for centuries before it ever happened. He created a picture that people could connect with through their imaginations and begin to believe in their hearts.


This heavenly vision changed the course of history through one man’s use of his imagination! Amazing!! Think about it—you, too, could be used to paint a heavenly picture for those around you of God’s amazing plan for their lives—all because you used your imagination under the direction of Holy Spirit.


Let your imagination connect with God’s word and enjoy and experience the realms of His kingdom like never before!


This post was written by Angela Brown,

Angela is the author of His Footstool and Secrets from the Sanctuary.