– by Suzanne Roberts


A few years ago, as Christmas approached, the Lord woke me one morning with the words, “I want you to have a ‘Mary’ Christmas.”


When I asked Him what He meant, He reminded me of the differences between His dear friends Mary and Martha. (See Luke 10:38-42)


I have a dear friend who has always leaned toward being a Martha. Because of that, she is always on the front lines – always doing something.


I, on the other hand, much prefer to just BE!


We have often laughed about how she is a Martha and I am a Mary.


We have learned to love each other in spite of our differences. And, honestly, we have learned to value the differences.


For all you Martha’s out there who are busy, busy, busy during this wonderful holiday season, I’d like to offer to you the same words that Jesus spoke to me that morning: “I want you to have a ‘Mary’ Christmas.”


What would that look like?


In the Luke story about Mary and Martha, with all of the hustle and bustle going on around her, Mary sat at Jesus’ feet, just being with Him. And, later in the story, Jesus said she had chosen the good part. (Image via Pixabay)


What if you were to sit down and look at your December schedule and say, “Hmm. Maybe I could eliminate this particular event.” Or, “Jesus, do you think this is good? Is it going to bring peace that passes all understanding and joy inexpressible and full of glory? Is it going to be really meaningful for me, for my friends and my family and You, Jesus?”


Martha was making sandwiches that Jesus never asked for. She was busy doing everything she thought was necessary for people to be blessed.


The house was clean. The food was prepared.


And Martha was irritated!


She wasn’t ignoring Jesus on purpose. Her heart was pure. She absolutely loved Him.


In the spiritual realm, she was simply exercisingher gift of hospitality.


The thing about our giftedness is that when it’s Spirit-led, it blesses everyone. When it’s led by our own ideas and desires, it usually ends up as a less than perfect attempt to do the right thing in the wrong way.


Martha saw all the details, but she missed the most important part. Her choices didn’t bring her peace. She had forgotten the good part of being with Jesus.


You may find yourself in the middle of a lot of activity these next few weeks. Maybe it would be a good idea to take a step back and ask Jesus what activities HE wants to be involved in through you during the month of December. (Image via Pixabay)


How can you be the force in your family for peace on earth and goodwill to men?



How can you bring the really good news of Christmas to them?



How about it? Will you say YES to the GOOD that God has stored up for you?


Will you set aside the things that are not so good?


If you do, when this season draws to a close, Jesus can say to you . . .


“Sweetheart, you chose the good part. Congratulations! I love that about you!”


Have a MARY Christmas, my friends!



This guest post was written by Suzanne Roberts.

Suzanne is the author of It’s Time to Power UP!