– by Angela Brown


After God created the earth and all that was in it, He stepped back and rested.


The scriptures say that He saw all that He had made and He was pleased and satisfied.


One of the Hebrew meanings for the word rested is celebrate. God was not exhausted from His work of creation. He just wanted to celebrate what He had done. (Image via Pixabay)

That means that God celebrated you! He could see all that you would become as a person and all that you had the potential to produce and He was happy that you were a part of His glorious plan of creation.

You are His brilliant idea! You have a significant part to play in His design for life on planet earth and also in eternity with Him.


Do you know what the original blueprint for your life looks like? Do you know what part you are to play in His design for the salvation of man and the restoration of planet earth?


Those are important questions to ask yourself and your Creator.


Your life is valuable and significant in God’s heart. He created you like no other person on earth. No one can fill your shoes or take your place in God’s perfect plan.


You are so important for His plan that He sent His beloved Son to the cross to make a way for you to fully enter into His glorious design. That, dear friends, is something for you to celebrate!


Getting to know Father God and His Son Jesus is the only way you will ever fully understand the purpose and power of your life. Your identity is unique and will never be duplicated.


You are God’s idea and He is excited about you!


Consider your life a masterpiece that only God can help you create. He is delighted to teach you all you need to know about your destiny and power as His one-of-a-kind creation.



This guest post was written by Angela Brown.

Angela’s latest book is now available: I AM, who am I? Discovering the divine Architect’s blueprint for your life.

Angela is also the author of Secrets from the Sanctuary and His Footstool: The Door to Your Destiny.