– by Ann Lynn Noble



God is so fun!

I opened my new journal to write a prayer to God and I heard, “Check your Wayfair order.”

Well, usually when you hear something that distracts from your time with God, it’s the enemy.

I tried to ignore the thought, but the urging was really bugging me. I told God that I was so sorry, but I needed to do this. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate. (Images via Pixabay)


My Wayfair order was for a new set of sheets and it was out for delivery that day. I checked my order and it said I had ordered twin sheets for our king size bed. Oh no! We don’t have a twin bed in the house. No wonder I was nudged to check my order.

There was no phone number on the invoice, so I googled “How do I contact Wayfair?” Up popped the Wayfair customer service number.

I called and was connected to the nicest lady. I explained to her that I had ordered twin size sheets for my king size bed, that it was out for delivery today, and that we don’t have a twin bed anywhere in the house. Then I asked her what I should do. She said, “Oh, no!”

The Wayfair representative gathered my information and pulled up the order. “Oh, I see this is your first order with us.”

“Yes,” I said, “and I did it wrong.”

I know what I did. I found the sheets that were on sale, the reviews were amazing, so I simply ordered them. I happily ordered the white twin size sheets that were pictured there. Evidently, I skipped the questions about size and color, assuming I would get exactly what I needed. Sometimes being a speed-reader has its drawbacks.

The lady at Wayfair put me on hold, contacted FedEx, who contacted the driver – who was probably already in our neighborhood – and told him to return that package to the sender. I can’t believe she was able to do all this at the last minute! She then credited me with the cost of the twin sheets, ordered my king size sheets, and said since this was my first order with them, they would keep the shipping cost the same.

Somehow, I even ended up with a credit of $1.12!

Her computer was slow, so she asked what I had done this afternoon. I told her I had gone to my doctor because I was hearing everything as if there were cotton balls inside my ears. The doctor was able to clean the wax out of my ears and now I could hear again. When I thanked the doctor, it sounded like I was shouting at him. He assured me I wasn’t, and that by afternoon I would get used to it.

Then I got in my car and cranked it, totally startling myself again because the radio was so loud. I laughed at myself, thanked God for getting me the help I needed, and headed home.

When I mentioned the radio, it reminded the Wayfair representative of her dad. He had been a helicopter medic in the army and also had hearing problems. She told me how loud his TV is, but since the doctor stopped the ringing in his ears, her dad thinks he hears fine now.

Her computer finally got everything squared away, and I told my new friend goodbye. The Wayfair representative told me she was happy to have helped me with my first and second order with their company. We hung up, and a week later I did get the correct sheets, thanks to her.

What’s my point?

Sometimes what appears to be a distraction when you’re trying to focus on God, really is a divine nudge. It is just in time, you’re set up with the right person, and everything works out for good for everyone.

I was able to give the Wayfair representative an outstanding review on the survey, we enjoyed talking to each other, and I even ended up with $1.12 store credit!



This blog post was written by Ann Lynn Noble.

Ann is the author of Restore, Restore, Restore and More!Restore, Restore, Restore Devotional and the co-author with her granddaughter of Glow and Grow in the Grace of God.