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Claudia Cantrell

Claudia Cantrell is an author, inspirational speaker, and physician assistant most known for her first book, Sacred Love. She was a successful, independent career woman outwardly, but inwardly, Claudia longed for more—security, a sense of belonging, and love. Her book is the heartfelt love story of a broken woman who found extraordinary victory over loneliness, insecurity, rejection, and bad decisions. It took total surrender to Jesus Christ in order to live life abundantly.


Sacred Love

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Audience: Church / Community
Area: Georgia / USA / Abroad
Topics: Emotional Wounding, Rejection, Singleness, Obedience, Self Worth, Identity in Christ, Freedom from Bondage, Utter Brokenness to Triumphant Victory

Claudia Cantrell is an inspirational speaker to women who are living in bondage from emotional wounding and yearn to be set free to live the abundant life Christ died to give them. She shares her personal journey through pain and family issues to transparently tell of her own emotional wounding from rejection. Claudia talks about her struggles with singleness, belonging, forgiveness, and loneliness while she strived to find love and acceptance while missing the love of God. She tells how God took her from utter brokenness to triumphant victory as she made the decision to trust Him with her past.


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