– JoAnn Koening


Writing is not easy. It’s work. Hard work.

And sometimes it’s a thankless job.

Writers pour their heart and soul into their books, invest their money along with their blood, sweat and tears, and most of them barely recoup what they spent.

Authors usually get praise and good reviews from their relatives and close friends, but typically not much outside that group.

And it’s not that they write books because they’re looking for praise. Or money.

They’re not.

Most authors write about something that has changed their life and they share it to offer that same transformation to their readers.

And when that transformation happens . . . and the author hears about it . . . it makes everything they invested in the book worth it! (Image via Pixabay)



Like this testimony I received about my book Wholly Addicted.

After reading this testimony and learning that a life was changed because I wrote this book, I was ecstatic!

It made me so thankful that God allowed me to be a part of this book that He is using to help transform lives.


Here’s what Judy Legare from Boca Raton, Florida, says about Wholly Addicted:

“When I found JoAnn Koening’s book Wholly Addicted: 365-Day Devotional, I had been praying to God.

I was struggling in my business, and I felt lost in many areas of my life.

I just couldn’t seem to commit to anything. I was in a state of confusion.

I questioned God as to how I could become closer to Him.

I have a friend whose business was thriving, and she told me that she begins every day with God.

Just shortly after that, I found JoAnn’s book and ordered it immediately. Now, first thing every morning, I read a scripture and a devotional. I read it a couple of times. The message is always so appropriate.

Everything in my life is shifting and I am gaining clarity. I now have a peace and serenity, and feel love in my heart.

I am so confident that anyone would truly benefit from this book, as it is truly a BLESSING.”

I’m so glad Judy shared her testimony because now other people will hear about the transformation that is available to them through my book.

If you have read a book that has changed your life, I encourage you to write a review or a testimony and post it on the website where you purchased the book or send it in an email to the author.

You will never know how encouraging it is to know that God is using our books to transform lives.


This post was written by Joann Koening.

JoAnn is the author of Wholly Addicted: SONrise Praise to Start Your Day: 365 Day Devotional.