A Second Look in the Mirror

– By Brenda Sawyer


I remember when Marion came to my first women’s workshop. She was shy and a little withdrawn from the other women.


As the group’s coordinator, I always started the workshops with a “meet and greet” integrated with some warm-up activities.  Marion appeared perfectly content (more…)

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A Case of Mistaken Identity

By Suzanne Roberts


I think God needs to sign up with “Life Lock”.


Life Lock is a company that keeps a check on all the things that establish your unique identity. They constantly make sure that no one can pretend to be YOU!


To be honest, I think someone has stolen God’s identity! The God that I hear about today is not the God I find in the pages of His Story. In fact, there is an enemy pretending to be Him! He says that he can offer us everything that God has already offered, and promises to be everything we (more…)

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