Bring on the Joy!

– by Ann Lynn Noble


“Sing a new song. Sing a song of joy.”

That’s what the Holy Spirit said to me as we were walking this particular day.

Do I look like I’ve got the joy of the Lord in me?

How do we bring the joy of the Lord to people?

I’ve asked (more…)

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When I grow up I’d like to be . . .

By Kathryn Wiseman


It’s an adorable conversation to have with a 6-year old. They dream of being astronauts, doctors, princesses and pilots….

When you ask a 16-year old “What do you want to be when you’re grow up?” you’ll often get a shrug accompanied by a mumbled “Dunno”.

When you ask a 26-year old, they are (more…)

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One Road, Two Views

By Jessie Seneca

As I drove away from a recent retreat this spring, I reminisced with the Lord about the weekend, the new found friends I met and the memories made. After thinking back on the session where I shared my testimony, I felt the Lord speak into my heart, your book.

My book, I thought? I haven’t (more…)

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By Littie Brown


How can “hope” keep someone focused on the next day?


This a question that I think about when I hear or read that someone has taken their own life. Families are left trying to understand what happened, what they could have done. They wonder if it was their fault and have many other unanswered questions—questions that will never be answered.


When I was writing Leadership Lessons from the HART, I would find myself reflecting on lessons I learned about hope. Like most people, I (more…)

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