Treacherous, Toxic & Two-Faced: Protecting Your Spirit from Workplace Sabotage (PART 2)


 – by Dawn Mitchell


Have you ever encountered a supervisor, manager or co-worker whose sole strategy for professional advancement was to claw his/her way to the top by ANY means necessary? Their maniacal rise to domination is fueled by their poisonous daily dose of lying, cheating, manipulation, and deception. What happens when YOU are (more…)

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It Never Entered My Mind

– by Ann Noble


While driving along and listening to a radio station that plays songs from the 40’s, a Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart song came on from one of their musicals. The title was “It Never Entered My Mind” and it was written one year before I was born. I can honestly say I have heard it all my life.


That song kept coming back (more…)

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By Littie Brown


How can “hope” keep someone focused on the next day?


This a question that I think about when I hear or read that someone has taken their own life. Families are left trying to understand what happened, what they could have done. They wonder if it was their fault and have many other unanswered questions—questions that will never be answered.


When I was writing Leadership Lessons from the HART, I would find myself reflecting on lessons I learned about hope. Like most people, I (more…)

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