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With faith, integrity and a passion for the written word, Candy Abbott established Fruitbearer Publishing. With more than 30 years of professional experience in publishing, Ms. Abbott is able to offer a number of top-of-the-line services, including editorial, graphic design and formatting, printing and binding, and other customized and miscellaneous services to produce the best possible piece of writing for each of the authors with whom she works.

The Fruitbearer experience is a cooperative venture between the author and Fruitbearer. They are an independent publisher; not a self-publisher or a traditional publisher, but a combination. “Think of it as a hybrid — where you retain all of the control but have none of the headaches,” Ms. Abbott says of the unique business model that has brought her success as an entrepreneur for nearly two decades. Each day, she lives out the promise she has made to her authors through her company’s mission statement: “To offer a professional, personalized approach to publishing, unashamedly catering to Christian authors and carefully guarding each author’s voice and vision.”

Ms. Abbott’s relationship with God has been the driving force behind her company since its inception. It is because of Him that she feels she was led to the publishing industry and she feels incredibly blessed to work alongside authors to help them determine their paths. In fact, it is the journey to publication through which Ms. Abbott is most gratified. She works closely with authors to produce the best possible publication with the goal of achieving three things: to touch lives, to influence society and to glorify God.

Recently, Ms. Abbott published her own book, titled I’ve Never Loved Him More, which is based on her own experience caring for and working with her husband, Drew, who is in a moderate stage of Alzheimer’s disease.

“Candy has an impeccable sense of taste and understanding of marketing — this makes her an incredible publisher,” says a former client of Ms. Abbott’s, who praises her for the work that she did for her as an author. Other noteworthy testimonials have referred to Ms. Abbott as a “woman of integrity,” someone who “goes the extra mile,” and a professional who “approaches everything she does with enthusiasm and tender care.”

In recognition of her professional excellence over more than three decades, Ms. Abbott was honored by The International Women’s Leadership Association. In addition, she was chosen as a Top Female Professional by Worldwide Branding in 2016. As she looks to the future, Ms. Abbott intends to continue her work as “the fruitbearer” by bringing new pieces of writing to light from authors around the country.


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