– by Ann Lynn Noble


“Sing a new song. Sing a song of joy.”

That’s what the Holy Spirit said to me as we were walking this particular day.

Do I look like I’ve got the joy of the Lord in me?

How do we bring the joy of the Lord to people?

I’ve asked the Holy Spirit that question.

What better place than at one of my book signings at a Kroger grocery store to test what I’ve learned.

I’m listening ….

Most of the shoppers are in their own world. But children – they are full of energy and joy. Watching them makes me joyful. The children are smiling, skipping, looking and acting happy. They are full of the joy that we adults seek.

But back to me bringing the joy of the Lord into Kroger.

This is a huge store. How about if I just start by bringing it around my table with the blue tablecloth, the books, surrounded by the flowers I’m seated next to.

Do I look joyful?

Apparently not.

I’m being ignored by many… it’s like they can’t see me. There goes another one.

Yes! Apparently, they’re not seeing me – even though I’m wearing bright yellow today. And I know it’s bringing out the lovely yellow in the flowers next to me.

I’m listening, Holy Spirit. What needs to happen?

I’m aware of a peace – a very contented peace.

May I call it a little bit of joy? I think SO! Not overflowing so that people want to be around me, but I’m so content that it can’t be wrong.

Focusing on the Lord, on the Holy Spirit, has changed me inside. What was I focusing on before? I hate to even go back there, but I need to so we can learn.

Before, I was focused on me. I was focused on the store manager.

Am I back far enough so as not to interfere with the grocery carts? Will I be able to sell enough books today to help pay for a recent extraction, implant, and crown … that very unexpected dental expense?

I must have been worried. And we’re told not to worry.

Okay, enough. Back to focusing on the Holy Spirit in me. Being aware of what He leads me to say.

A young woman came joyfully to me just now and said, “I’m looking for something yellow! Where did you get that?” I told her Nordstrom, but that it was a while ago. She laughed and said she was still going to check there.

That’s the kind of people who are fun to be around! Someone looking for yellow.

I’m having fun.

As I sit here at my table writing this, I’m aware of people looking at me, looking at my books. When I look up, they smile. I’m happy, and I’m not a threat to them.

I’ve prayed in the Spirit, so I know God has some divine appointments set up for me today.

I’ll wait for them. The people don’t know it, and I don’t know who they are, but there are always some people God wants to connect to this book.

God’s thoughts and agenda are what make up this book, and He will get it to the people who need to read it. It’s the ones who need to become aware that He’s working on the area of their greatest pain.

If they don’t understand this, they will be so focused on their problems that they will miss the blessing. God doesn’t want that to happen, but He told me that is exactly what will happen to many. Don’t let it happen to you or anyone you know.

Yes, I’m certainly more joyful having spent time with the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit is a great teacher.

And I’ve enjoyed my book signing day.


This blog post was written by Ann Lynn Noble.

Ann is the author of Restore, Restore, Restore and More and Restore, Restore, Restore Devotional and the upcoming book Glow and Grow in the Grace of God.