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Brenda Sawyer was born and raised in New York City and currently resides in Philadelphia. She has a strong spiritual foundation and acknowledges that God is the strength of her life and without Him she would fail. As a young child, Ms. Sawyer always had a passion for teaching and imparting her knowledge to others. She set high standards for becoming the best teacher she could be. After graduating from Hunter College with a dual major in Psychology and Early Childhood Education, she taught elementary school for twenty-six years for the School District of Philadelphia. Ms. Sawyer currently holds a second Master’s degree in Elementary Education from Cabrini College.

Seeing how the school system had changed over the years, Ms. Sawyer decided to retire from teaching. She started her own organization as the Founder and Director of Girls Walking with Integrity Empowering for Destiny (GWWI), a Christian mentoring program for young ladies between the ages of eight and eighteen. This organization allows Ms. Sawyer to give back to the community by holding workshops to empower the young ladies to become all that God has called them to be through prayer, Bible study, community service and various outreach ministries. Ms. Sawyer leads the workshops by incorporating a coalition of parents and community leaders to give the girls positive role models for reaching their destiny for posterity.


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