– by Ann Lynn Noble


“Escape the hold on you and abandon you for the leading of The Trinity.”




You read correctly.


I asked God in my quiet time what He wanted me to write down to remember today, and those were His exact words. “Escape the hold on you and abandon you for the leading of The Trinity.”


You demand way too much. Way too much time out of every day.


God has a wonderful plan for your life and for mine, and we sabotage it daily with wasted hours.


You know you do. I know I do.


Email, Facebook, TV, fretting over things you’ve begged God to take care of, to help you with. He would like to help, but you’ve got them and won’t release them.


They are all bound up with your thoughts about how on earth they will be fixed, and then you send up another pleading prayer to God, as He probably shakes His head, wishing you would just hand those things over to Him and trust Him to take care of them.


A man in church, on his knees, praying


However, there you and I are, wasting precious time with worry about how these problems are affecting our lives.


God wants us to abandon all these things for His plan.


God knows you. God knows me. He caught us doing the “you thing” first, before yielding to what God asked of us. This is what He’s talking about.


We have to abandon us, and go for God.


Let’s imagine walking in the will of God, led by the Holy Spirit, Jesus cheering us on.


What would be the change in your day?


What would your day look like with you in the center of God’s will?


We won’t know unless we abandon ourselves for God.


I want to do that. I’m going to go for that plan! Anyone else want to try? (Let me know on my Facebook page.)


Don’t focus on you, focus on God.


What was God’s plan all along for this day? I want to know. Too bad I’ve already wasted almost two hours on “me” – knowing God wanted me to write this instead.


But I still have a good chunk of day left.


Take it from here, Lord. Please!


Teach me your ways and keep me from sabotaging my own life.




This post was written by Ann Lynn Noble.

Ann is the author of Restore, Restore, Restore and More!Restore, Restore, Restore Devotional, and Glow and Grow in the Grace of God , her latest release that she co-authored with her granddaughter.