Karin & David Chenoweth


In late 2010, David and Karin Chenoweth co-founded 3-in-1 GPN Ministries. Karin had already founded 3-in-1 Publishing in 2009 in the UK – a ministry that aimed to reach the lost and edify the Body of Christ through the first online downloadable FREE Christian E-zine – 3-in-1 The Voice. During its first year, 3-in-1 The Voice spawned over 27 writers and contributors. The E-zine gave people a chance to share their testimonies of how Christ Jesus had changed and impacted their lives. They shared their experiences and each issue was bursting with Spirit-filled, Christ-based artistry, poetry, and writing. Although it has a different format, The Voice continues today to reach others across the world.

Since those early days, David has continued to act as Ministry Director. The aim and objectives of the 3-in-1 Global Prayer Network is to encourage the Body of Christ to realize its full potential through the embodiment of intercession and prayer on a global scale by networking with churches, ministries, prayer groups, prayer cells and individuals throughout the world for the advancement of God’s Kingdom here on earth. This expansion has also resulted in an annual 3-in-1 GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER.


3-in-1 The Voice E-zine

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