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From the first moment A.K. Chenoweth began writing, she wanted her words to matter. Therefore, she writes from the heart. Everything that she expresses through the written word, is an illustration of her ability to bring a scene, picture, or situation to life.

This has a profound effect upon the reader. Her hallmark descriptive writing has been described by others as visionary, penetrating, revealing, enticing, evocative, picturesque, and elegant. Her words are like a road map for the reader…helping them to touch the divine and pointing them towards God and His Kingdom.

A nominee of the prestigious WOYLA Women of the Year Awards, London UK in 2001 and 3-in-1 Best Children’s Book recipient 2015, A.K. is uncompromising in delivering the Christian message to everyone at any age. She is the founder of Christian E-zine 3-in-1 The Voice (2009-present) and with her husband David, co-founded The 3-in-1 Global Prayer Network (2010-present).

Over the years A.K. Chenoweth has published over 14 books including 7 written by herself, had numerous poems published and thousands of articles and features published in the local and international media. A.K. lives and works in Oregon with her husband David, and they have grown-up children.


Beyond the Moon, Sky and Stars
The Genesis Diary with Coralie Eden
Brampton Hall
3-in-1 The Voice E-zine

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