– by Kim Hardy


Out of the blue, I discovered through a client that my website company had gone out of business–without informing me. I immediately did some research and confirmed her findings.

That unfortunate situation caused me to look for another company and to do what I hate—wait.

No one will deny that it is very discouraging and disappointing when you have a setback in life or your dreams are put on hold.

However, I am learning that it is in the gap between reality and fulfillment that you have an opportunity to flourish.

Waiting is not only a time to reassess but to reset for greater impact. I have discovered that if I push through my complaining tendencies and look through the lens of opportunity I always come away with greater insights and passion. (Image via Pixabay)

While I don’t like to wait on anything, I am embracing the truth that delays actually position me to live out more of my dormant potential. I actually develop more in the waiting time than in the doing.

It’s funny now, but whenever I see someone complaining and having an emotional temper tantrum, I know they haven’t tasted the wonderful value of what waiting produces.


Today’s post was written by author and speaker Kim Hardy.

Kim is the author of Relaunch!