By Suzanne Roberts


I think God needs to sign up with “Life Lock”.


Life Lock is a company that keeps a check on all the things that establish your unique identity. They constantly make sure that no one can pretend to be YOU!


To be honest, I think someone has stolen God’s identity! The God that I hear about today is not the God I find in the pages of His Story. In fact, there is an enemy pretending to be Him! He says that he can offer us everything that God has already offered, and promises to be everything we could ever possibly need. He pretends to have a lock on life, and he declares that he is the only one with the key! (Image via Pixabay)

He is mistaken. Sadly. Badly. And we are mistaken if we listen to him. Just as the Deceiver worked on Eve’s heart in the Garden, he is still trying to get us to think that God is holding out on us. He continually whispers that we need more than we already have. He still tries to make God seem smaller than He really is, and he implies that God is stingy, uncaring, and overly conscious of our mistakes.


He whispers words to us like “He won’t”, “He can’t” or “This is impossible!” He tries to convince us that he has a better solution, a better way. He promises than he can offer us more than God ever could. He pretends to be God.


He lies. Of course, that should not surprise us! Lies are the only weapons he has to choke the Truth. Not only does he try to steal God’s identity, he is determined to steal ours. God gave His ALL to us at the Cross. It is finished. He’s done what He said He would do. Now it’s our job to unwrap the amazing gift of our authority in Him.


Perhaps it’s time to thoughtfully consider the same question that Jesus asked Peter one day:

“Who do you say that I am?” It’s a question that needs to be answered, don’t you think?


If you say that you believe God but are constantly worrying about the future, then…

You’re having an identity crisis.


If you think that He is responsible for all the bad things in your life because He wants to test you…

You’re having an identity crisis.


If you find yourself feeling incapable, inept, and powerless…

You’re….well, you know!


Why not ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to God’s own words that define Himself and who you are as His child.


We need to get a lock on the real God. We need to be able to identify His real life in us and for us, don’t we? We need to know who He really, really is, and who we really, really are.


We need to define “Life” as God does and then lock into that definition. I think that’s how we can avoid any more cases of mistaken identity, either His or ours.


Don’t you agree?


This post was written by Suzanne Roberts.

Suzanne is the author of It’s Time to Power UP!