– by Kathryn Wiseman


One year ago I published my first fiction story, Hiding in the Shade.


It is a real gem.


I can humbly say this because the story was a complete download directly from God to me.


As time goes by, and I reflect back over the few months that God partnered with me to write this book, I become more acutely aware of the miracle that took place during that season.


Today I would love to briefly share my experience of that season with you. It’s the story of how the “self-help-book” I sat down to write turned out to be a far more impacting, God-inspired, little fiction story.


I grew up in a Christian home. As a little girl I went to Sunday school and loved listening to bible stories. I knew I loved God and I knew how to pray. Yet it was only in my early thirties that I first encountered the marvel of becoming Holy Spirit filled.


My spiritual journey since has been slow, yet steady. God is gentle with me and thankfully knows me well.


He knows my tendency towards being impatient and taking things into my own hands. He watches as I run ahead. He sees me as I organise and plan and do, rather than wait on Him.


Yes, I do ask things of God and I do pray for things, but I don’t give Him space and time to answer. I hurry. And when I don’t hear anything, I go ahead in my own strength.


The season of writing my book was very different. God knows me intimately and He knew what He needed to do so that I could finally experience what it is like to partner with Him rather than do it on my own. He graciously showed up in a mighty way and did a new thing. I did pray for Him to give me wisdom for my writing, but had no expectation of what He was about to do.


I sat down to write in my own strength, but He stepped in. He took my hand and He moved in me. I sat down to write my book, and His Spirit showed up to capture my thoughts. I remember my first glimpse of the main character. What? An eagle? In a mango tree? REALLY?!?



I knew for certain that these thoughts were not mine, but felt compelled to write them down even though they seemed so foreign. I knew nothing of eagles and even less of mango trees. I would write and write and stop when it felt like the end of a chapter. I would then read back over what I had written and would be stirred with excitement as this beautifully relatable little story unfolded.


During this season, any other work I tried was messy, clunky and confused, yet when I turned to write His little story, He would show up and the words would continue to flow beautifully.


So now, as I reflect back on this season a year later I note the life lessons this season taught me.


  • When I sit down, wait and listen to Him, I can expect His words to flow.
  • I know by experience when I am trying on my own, and when I am partnering with Him.
  • He only gives me what I need one chapter at a time.
  • His plans are always bigger than mine.


I had plans to write a self-help book. He had plans to transform lives through a beautifully simple yet highly relatable story.



This post was written by Kathryn Wiseman.

Kathryn is the author of Hiding in the Shade: Discover Your Purpose. Follow Your Dreams.