His Footstool – The Door to Your Destiny – Angela Brown

His Footstool – The Door to Your Destiny is a revealing look into God’s plan to intimately commune with those He created, and to invite them to join Him in displaying His kingdom on earth. It is an intriguing study of the prophetic vision experienced by David and recorded in Psalm 110.

You will be encouraged and challenged to realize you have an intricate and valuable part to play in the redemption of mankind. You will be astounded at the delight your Creator takes in sharing His passion and power with you when you take time to come to His footstool and become the resting place of Almighty God.

His Footstool is a great book for Bible studies. Three thought-provoking questions are listed at the end of each chapter to encourage further meditation and personal growth and could be discussed in a group setting.

Author Bio: Angela Brown



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