Benign Surrender: A Love Story – A.K. Chenoweth

Benign Surrender: A Love Story (Women of Virtue Series Book 1)

Maria Medcalf is a thoughtful, young Christian woman living in one of the most picturesque parts of Kent. It is the early 1800’s and Maria is about to turn twenty-one. Her parents want her to marry well… very well. However, Maria wants to marry God’s choice and to marry for love. One day they receive some unexpected news, which will ensure that the Medcalf’s lives will never be the same again…

“This period love story is packed with anticipation. The reader quickly finds herself (or himself) settling into the life of the main character, who epitomises the pressures young women faced during this era. The heroine’s Christian faith is clearly portrayed as the reader discovers the way she rests on the hope and security of God’s purpose for her life.”

Dudley Anderson UCB Presenter & Pastor

A.K. Chenoweth weaves a classic tale with tempo and striking imagery that will captivate.

Author Bio: A.K. Chenoweth